Hi! I’m Max, an independent designer and programmer living and working in London. I’ve worked as both a Digital Product Designer and a Software Engineer. Now I combine the two to take a holistic approach to making digital products.


My process is simple and I move quite quickly and fluidly between different stages. We’ll identify goals, constraints and a rough scope for the project. I’ll start with pen and paper to explore different approaches. Then I’ll move into Sketch to hone in on a more detailed visual direction. We’ll talk a lot so you can feedback and I can iterate. When the the look and feel of the static design is right, I’ll start writing code, which is where I’ll do the interaction, animation and responsive design as well as the core job of building and shipping the finished product.


If you think we could work together, please get in touch. If the project requires other skills, I have a close group of lovely, smart, interesting people who do things like content / brand strategy, illustration, engineering, copywriting, photography, filmmaking etc., so if I’m not the right person for your project or our timelines don’t match, I’ll do my best to introduce you to someone who can help.